The WCD 2011 invited sessions are composed of 250 total sessions under Seven categories: Plenary Lectures, Symposia, Workshops, Courses, What’s New, Meeting of Minds and KDA Seminar. For detailed session information, please download the PDF file for each category.
Plenary Lectures
Plenary Lectures composed of one Special Lecture, two Advanced Lecture and three Hot Spots will take place on each of the five days of the official Congress program.
Special Lectures: Five lectures, 30 minutes each
Prestigious scientists will deliver keynote lectures covering some of the most recent discoveries in medical science.
Advanced Lectures: Ten lectures, 20 minutes each
These lectures will provide an in-depth and updated analysis of novel approaches that have become available in medical, surgical and investigative dermatology.
Hot Spots: 14 lectures, 15 minutes each
The most recent topics and updated information on our specialty at the time of the Congress will be discussed by world experts in the field.
What’s New
One session will contain six talks, each lasting 20 minutes, for a total duration of two hours. In total, 30 talks will be given during the five days of the official Congress program.
New knowledge, presented or published within the past year in the different areas of dermatology will be commented on and analyzed in perspective as brief news items by a world expert.
Meeting of Minds
The WCD 2011 will include 12 sessions lasting 90 minutes each.
In-depth, inter-group discussions about a very specific subject or theme of practical interest in dermatology. A small group of three experts will be involved in this 90-minute session.
KDA Seminar
The Organizing Committee is planning a special program called the KDA Seminar which will run from 7 to 8 a.m. throughout the entire congress.
These morning sessions will consist of six lectures lasting no longer than 30 minutes each and will take place in three separate rooms with an individual capacity of approximately 300 people.

The Organizing Committee will arrange early transportation for participants and provide light breakfast(i.e. coffee/tea and bread).
79 symposia/workshops will take place at the WCD 2011. Each session will last 2 hours.
An in-depth discussion of an important topic of interest to a wide segment of the dermatological community. The sessions relate to an overall specific theme and involve consideration of basic and practical clinical aspects, as well as the most recent developments.
The WCD 2011 will host six full-day courses and 15 half-day courses. Half-day course will last 4 hours and full-day courses will last 8 hours.
An organized lecture series on a single topic, given by an international faculty to an audience limited to 300 persons. The nature of a course, as opposed to a symposia or workshop, is that one lecture builds upon the other.