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I first thought it is a bad idea drinking on the job, but when you are a fake police officer and you want to be caught, it’s the perfect setup. A man pretending to be a cop is now in jail for two things, being drunk and disorderly plus faking to be a cop. He only had one job, but ended up doing two wrong things, I guess you are not the only one who needs to sober up.

There was a guy who was directed into a massage nuru room and provided with the instructions of how to prepare yourself so you can get started. After the session, you decide to rest a while and the masseuse leaves the room. After some time, you get up and get dressed ready to leave. As you walk to the door and turn the knob, it occurs to you that the door is jammed. You start to panic, as the reception is not as close. A man in his 50 is yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs.

Music keeps me calm. I’d sit there while watching on patrol, with my earphones in, just listening away and wondering when next tour about booties comes up.
Well, one day, when I thought I heard noise (you know, outside of the music) I knelt low to the ground, and pulled a bud out of my ear. Everything was okay, so I slipped it back in my ear.
Only, it felt weird. Not to mention the smell…
I had dropped the bud inside, yep, you guessed it: crap. Needless to say, the earphone bud was a little browner than it used to be.

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